Montana Sapphire Dragonfly

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dragonfly montana_18

Hand sawed white gold dragonfly wings, with a hammered yellow gold ring shank, and yellow gold crown setting. The stone is a Montana sapphire, and the best colourchange sapphire I’ve ever seen. It is deep blue with a purple center in some lights, and bright purple with a pink center in direct sunlight. Under a UV light it glows pink, just like alexandrites do!
I sketched the dragonfly design years ago, and I’ve used it for pendants and bracelets before, but this is the first ring.

This ring is sold, but please message me for custom orders if you’d like a similar one made.

dragonfly montana_17dragonfly montana_16dragonfly montana_15dragonfly montana_14dragonfly montana_13dragonfly montana_12dragonfly montana_11dragonfly montana_10dragonfly montana_9dragonfly montana_8dragonfly montana_7dragonfly montana_6dragonfly montana_5dragonfly montana_4dragonfly montana_3dragonfly montana_2dragonfly montana_1dragonfly montanadragon_5dragon_4dragon_3dragon_2dragon_1dragon

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